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    Guoguang Electric

    Project Time:March 2016

    Industry Belonged:Home appliance manufacturing


             Guoguang Electric Co., Ltd., is the world's most systematic, professional, large-scale production base of speaker and speaker design. In 2016, Yopye Group created new office space for the Guoguang Electric "2025PARK" industrial park, to provide shared office platform in short renting form for the entrepreneurs of Internet Era, with brand new design concept, vivid space layout, such to spark the creation and inspiration of entrepreneurs. At the same time, people from different industries with different resources gather here to meet each other, communicate with each other, and the place has become a site for social exchange of information.

    Case View

    2025PARK, create the best growth space for the enterprises with great dream

    Every inch of space has unlimited possibilities

    Does the orange system bring you more vitality?

    The multi changing forms of the product are bringing a variety of possibilities for the meeting

    The two states of work and leisure can switch at any time

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    Industry Belonged: Industrial Manufacturing

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