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    Hai Nengda Communication

    Project Time:July 2016

    Industry Belonged:Communications industry


             Hai Nengda Communication Co., Ltd. is focused on providing the world with professional wireless communication as a whole solution. In the global professional communications terminal market, the Hai Nengda can reach 12.6% of the market share and is ranked second in the world.
         When designing for office space of Hai Nengda, Yopye Group focus on the overall management, so that employees can focus on the work while ensuring the exchange and communication between them, fresh and bright color everywhere with green plants, the design has created an outdoor adventure atmosphere.

    Case View

    The Wizard of Oz, outdoor adventure? Make you fall in love with feeling of work in every minute.

    Vivid green, natural oxygen bar

    Wow Kaka, here is the place for the boss

    Each time great decision is made here

    Super password lock, no longer have to worry about your little secret

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    Industry Belonged: Communications Industry

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